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Gzym Web Design and Development Services - Indianapolis Indiana

Are you looking for a reasonable website design or hosting solution, but not sure where to turn ?? Do you find the internet and computers confusing ?? Could we sit down and discuss the latest W3C standards and how it relates to existing and newly created websites ??

If you answered "yes" to the first two questions, and "no" to the last one, don't feel as though you're highly predictable. You represent a common majority of the population. Even if you don't understand all the intricacies of the internet or computers, you probably still know that having a noticable presence on the internet can be a proven method of increasing business and expanding your audience. An effective website can draw as much attention as advertising on radio, TV, or in print..... and it can be done for a fraction of the cost, too.

If you are considering adding a website to your business plan, consider spending a few moments reading this page, my articles, and browsing my growing portfolio of websites. Whether you are located in Indianapolis or not, I can assist you in creating an effective presence on the world wide web for a reasonable fee. While local individuals and companies compromise a majority of my business, I've also developed solutions for clients hundreds of miles away, without ever meeting face to face. Nowadays, there isn't much that can be shown or shared face to face that can't also be done on a computer or on a telephone. Don't let distance stop you from choosing an experienced, creative professional with the ability to tackle your project.

Services Available Include:
HTML & XHTML Coding .php & PERL Custom .cgi scripts
SQL Databases Photography & Digital Imaging Services Audio & Video editing
HTML & CSS Validation Search Engine Submission Large Format Printing
Site Monitoring & Statistics Search Engine Optimization Internet Marketing Campaigns
Logo & Graphic Design Webpage Encryption Image Protection
Private Instruction Personalized Email Account Consulting Services

Other websites by Dustin Gzym :
Natural Wonders Photography I've been an aspiring photographer for several years now. Natural Wonders Photography is one of the reasons I began studying web design. It's usually neglected because my personal projects take a backseat to client's sites. There are over 200 photographs of natural scenes in the gallery to browse and buy.
Buy Our Art .com
Buy Our Art is a project my father and I created together while being 2000 miles apart. Many of my initial lessons in design and implementation were learned while constructing this site. This is one of the largest sites in my portfolio. It's in desperate need of development because the current set-up requires that we build all gallery pages for new artists. In the near future, it will be developed into a self-service model that provides the subscriber with the tools, and the choices to create their own gallery.
Majestic Events .com The Majestic Events website is a great example of employing multiple talents for a single project. In addition to constructing, maintaining, and developing the site, I also shoot many of the photographs for the extensive sample gallery. I also do deliveries and set-up on a part time basis for Majestic. It's that level of involvement that has allowed me to document and capture the magnificent events they produce.
Gzym Developed - Indy for Democracy Indy for Democracy was initially set-up as a local organizing resource for the Howard Dean for President campaign. After our candidate dropped out, we decided to continue on with the effort and developed the site into a local political resource. The site's content is continously updated by a small team of people and several RSS news feeds. It's, by far, the most complex creation I have initiated and developed to date.
Dustin Gzym - DJ Papabear
I love music !! Especially house and trance genres of electronic. The time I spent creating electronic music on my computer enabled me to easily create various audio files for website content, streaming, and sampling. This site is scheduled to vanish shortly and only time will tell if it will be saved for future use.
Theatre Non Nobis - A Gzym developed site Theatre Non Nobis is an Indianapolis based Christian drama company that presents their own productions several times a year. This is another site that requires a fair amount of photographic involvement in addition to updates and creating the gallery pages. The greatest challenge presented is capturing the intense emotion projected by their productions in a still image format.
Pinback Planet by Dustin Gzym Pinback Planet is one of my most successful ventures into E-commerce to date. It's initial creation was solely an eBay project during the 2004 elections. Within months it grew to span four different sales venues and it required a few part-time helpers to keep up with demand. It's design is based of the DJ Papabear website and while some may not care for the color scheme, I happen to like it's uniqueness. It will also go through a redesign in 2005 as we archive political items from 2004 and create a large library of non-political designs to propel the operation's future success.
Heavenly Sweets by Dustin Gzym Heavenly Sweets Cakes and Catering is a referred client who was intrigued by the Majestic Events website. Realizing the importance of an internet presence, I was asked to create a simple, yet elegant site that allowed the cakes to become the focal point. Heavenly Sweet's business covers many aspects, but the wedding cakes are the highlight of what they do, so the design is based upon the wedding aspect. The photo's here are professionally shot and submitted to me quarterly. For this reason, the content is always fresh and professional looking.
Joe Donnelly for Congress by Dustin Gzym Joe Donnelly was a candidate for Congress in Indiana's 2nd Congressional District in 2004. When I was first approached, I was simultaneously creating two other sites and probably should have avoided an additional project. Although, after having built the DeanSpace site for Indianapolis, I was eager to implement that concept to a local candidate's website, so I jumped at the chance to help. The Drupal/Deanspace package offers an incredible amount of various features and makes interaction with a campaign more involved from the user standpoint. All too often, candidates choose to use the 2 dimensional aspect of the web and essentially provide an on-line book that provides communication like a one-way street. This design gives a political campaign and it's supporters a means of organizing, communicating, and interacting on the web, making it a superior method of obtaining a common goal.
No Audience Required Productions by Dustin Gzym
No Audience Required Productions is a dual design that converges to one main page as a starting point. Tim and Rusty each had different ideas about how they wanted their part of the site to look. While the main page isn't exactly a grand feat of any sorts, it gives a seperation to two very different artforms. No Audience Required is a site that has alot of potential with some development. The main page could be developed into a portal to MANY different types of artists, artforms, information, and tutorials.
Doug Dilling .com - A Gzym Developed site Doug was the first website to retain my services for design and development. The initial design was quite simple and blended with the Century 21 colors to provide a classic, masculine look. As with other sites I've created, alot was learned in the process and that knowledge could only be applied to the next phase of it's development. After creating a dozen other websites in the last few years, Doug and I agreed it was time to apply the additional knowledge to a new look. The new design utilizes CSS Style sheets for easy editing of the design aspects contained within the code. Now, the entire site's color scheme can be changed from editing just one file. This is just another step in continued development and soon the whole site will be released with this design in .php coding for a dynamic, content rich website that requires less time manually updating. Check back often as the site is developed into a more useful, friendlier Indianapolis Real Estate resource.
Indianapolis Mortgage Man by Dustin Gzym
Ben Slocum, the Indianapolis Mortgage Man, offers a homepage of his own, aside from his employers website, to drive additional traffic to his front door. This is the first PHP site that was not a package installation. All coding was done by hand, as I have learned that operating in that manner gives me more knowledge about how the code works. The domain name was something I dreamed up and it struck a chord with Ben. Now it's become the driving force behind the way Ben markets himself. This site also has RSS feeds, a PHP mortgage calulator and a complex PHP form-mailer.
Alpha Mortgage and Financial Services by Dustin Gzym
Alpha's website is a refined version of the site above. A basic brochure site also developed in PHP for greater functionality. This site has a few extra calculators and a more intensive feedback form. The design is also based off the site above, and is a more refined version that handles a greater span of user screen resolutions.
I Do Take Thee - Indianapolis Bridal Consultants
Our reputation for creating a superior web presence for Indianapolis wedding professionals continues on through the creation of a re-designed website for I Do Take Thee Bridal Consultants. With an existing website in place, I Do Take Thee wasn't even registering on any major search engines for the most obvious keywords, "Indianapolis bridal consultants." After releasing the old web services supplier, we not only created a totally new site for this company, we also created an effective web presence by bringing the site to the front page of two major search engines within two weeks. The next time I saw this client, not only did she have a big hug for me, she also commented that she did not worry about her site anymore. That's our goal: create websites that people don't worry about.
My Bad Credit Mortgage .com
Created for a mortgage broker in New York, My Bad Credit is a perfect example of how we can create websites for companies located anywhere in the world. The client wanted an emphasis on search engine placement, so we created a Content Management System designed to bring it to the top of the pack for a very competitive keyword category. The RSS feeds feature quite a bit of information for the mortgage category, and when the content is built up with an outbound RSS feed, the inbound links will multiply like rabbits. We were selected from many freelance web design professionals for one reason: Our knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be on top of the search engines.

Now that you've explored the exterior of each site, I'd encourage you to also spend a moment reviewing the effectiveness and noticeability of each site. You'll see in my opening statements that an emphasis is placed on what I consider to be the three most important attributes of creating a new website.

It should be:
  1. Noticable
  2. Effective
  3. Reasonable
The first two items are directly related to the site, the last is related to the fees incurred by the client.

Here are just a few examples of creating a noticable website:

Majestic Events creates "wedding flowers" for the "Indianapolis" area.
Indianapolis Wedding Flowers
  1. Google Results
  2. Yahoo! Results
A menial amount of research will show you that not only is the site in the Top 10 on both search engines, it's also listed in directories that are also positioned in the Top 10.

Heavenly Sweets makes "wedding cakes" for the "Indianapolis" area.
Indianapolis Wedding Cakes
  1. Google Results
  2. Yahoo! Results
The results of this kind of Search Engine Optimization work really show in the traffic. One of these sites is averaging 20,000 hits a DAY (with 600-800 visitors from all over the world). That's an EFFECTIVE website, that actually draws inquiries.

These are both just quick examples to show you what can be accomplished if you retain a knowledgable professional for your project. While I can't guarantee the same results for everyone, I will certainly use the same methods to make sure your site isn't lost in a sea of competitors.

Feel free to call or email me when you are ready to talk about your project.
Dustin Gzym